You’ve gotta know when to walk away…

My next book, Discovery, will be out soon. It’s available for kindle pre-order right now.

I have to say the writing of Discovery went smoothly for me. I enjoyed the story, the characters, and the setting, and the writing of it simply flowed. It was fun.

I recently had a less fun experience.

I was 40,000 words (about 110 pages) into a novel and it took me over three months to add another 10,000 words. I just couldn’t feel the story. By the end of the three month period, I didn’t like the characters any longer, I didn’t care about what they wanted from life, and the plot wasn’t fun.

Walking away from that much work scared me.

But I did. I read some blogs on when to walk away from a story and when to perservere, and I discussed it with some of my family and friends. The bottom line was: If the story didn’t interest me, it wouldn’t interest readers either.

So I walked away from it.

I immediately dove into another story that has been haunting me. I love it. I’m planning on releasing that story in episodes and the first one should be out by the end of the year. This story began as the first scene of a screenplay written in a class over three years ago. As I filled in the backstory in my head, I realized I had a major story to tell, and now the first draft of the first episode is complete. I’m excited about it and hope my readers will be also.

In the meantime, I hope you love reading Discovery as much as I loved writing it.



Bernard Wilkerson is the author of Communion, In The Beginning, and the soon to be released Discovery.