The Trilogy Is Complete!

Finally!  The third book in the Hrwang Incursion Trilogy is published!

It features cover art by my good friend, Meggan Hayes.  She does great work.  In fact, in celebration of releasing the entire trilogy, she has created new covers for Earth and Hrwang also and they are now available on Amazon Kindle.

I also reformatted the text a little using Amazon’s new Kindle Create tool and fixed a few typos along the way.

I removed “Omnibus” from the title of Earth.  Originally, I was copying how Hugh Howey entitled his series, Wool, but it turned out to just confuse people.  Like Wool, Earth was released episodically, and the omnibus edition combined all of those episodes.  But now, the first nine episodes are just compiled as book one, Earth.  Hrwang, book two, has four episodes and those are renumbered 10-13.  New Israel also has four episodes and they are numbered 14-17.

Each of the books is named after a planet, with New Israel being the name given to Earth by the alien invaders.

I hope you enjoy the series.  I’ve been laboring the past few years on an historical fiction novel, but some day plan on returning to writing science fiction.  It’s often my first choice when I pick something up to read and it’s terribly fun to write.

Book One: Earth

Book Two:  Hrwang

Book Three:  New Israel





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