Science and Religion (part 1)

I enjoy reading histories of science.  I also enjoy reading books on cosmology, which is the study of the history, evolution, and eventual fate of the Universe.

When reading books of this nature, however, one is often frequently reminded of the clashes between science and religion.

I also study my religion, and I’ve pondered for a long time about the subject of science versus religion.  I have training in both.  I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and have endeavored to learn about my religion through studying scriptures, teachings, and the history of my faith for most of my life.  I also have a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and was a practising engineer and scientist for many years before I became a software developer.

When one studies history, science, and religion, it becomes painfully obvious that the proponents of the scientific method do not get along with the adherents of religions, and vice versa.

However, if one steps above the fray a little, it becomes obvious that mankind has used many methods, means, and excuses to kill each other throughout all history.  Science has been used as often and effectively as religion in the pursuit of slaughtering one’s neighbors.  There’s plenty of guilt and blame for both sides.

I want to move past that.

I honestly believe science and religion can and should coexist.  In the Beginning is not an attempt to show how science and religion coexist, but the background to the story comes from my belief that they do, that there is but one truth and however one arrives at the knowledge of that truth does not change the truth itself.

More on science and religion next blog.

Watch for the upcoming release of In the Beginning.  It will be available on Amazon on May 9th.