In the Beginning

While I was working on getting Communion published, including sending manuscripts and emails to agents and publishers, I kept writing. Thoughts of the Afterlife turned to thoughts of premortal life and what that might have been like. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe in a premortal existence and if you would like to learn more about those beliefs, see

Thus, In the Beginning was born.

But In the Beginning doesn’t follow any particular belief. It’s a blend of science, fantasy, faith, and fiction, drawing on LDS teachings, Stephen Hawking’s beliefs, current cosmological theories of the Universe, and my own fanciful mind trips, to tell a story about a character, Rachel, who has become one of my most fun characters to write about so far.

She thinks the decision to prepare for mortality, to receive a physical body, is a straightforward decision until one of her friends insists there is another way, throwing her into a state of confusion and leading her to wonder who she should trust, who she loves and who she can follow.

I know I probably should wait for a longer period of time after the release of Communion to release In the Beginning, but I’ve been working on it for over a year and I loved telling Rachel’s story and I’m anxious to make it available to my readers.

So, my plan is to release it in March. Keep an eye out for it. I hope you’ll enjoy In the Beginning.




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